The Royal-Zenith Hotel complex consists of two hotels, each of which has restaurants renowned for their excellent cuisine. Besides that, our bars and restaurants are distinguished for their elaborately designed interior made in the classical style, high level service, musical programs and oriental dancing. 

Each of the restaurants is beautiful in its own way.

The restaurant serves dishes both of Russian and European cuisines. The extensive menu comprises dishes made from pork, veal, refrigerated lamb, turkey, different types of fish like sturgeon, sterlet, the European sea bass, the Atlantic salmon, seafood (shrimps, periwinkles, mussels). It is important to note that connoisseurs do not leave our restaurants without attention and there is no coincidence as only the highest class specialists loving and knowing their job work here. That is why the quality of dishes deserves the highest credit. The dishes portion sizes are large by the way. You will be surprised by a great number of cold and warm appetizers and desserts. There is a separate vegetarian menu and a fasting menu for the period of Christian holidays. Service in our restaurants is on the highest level and our waiters are friendly and attentive. 

The wine list of bars and restaurants of our hotels is varied and the assortment of alcohol drinks is great. It is easier to say what kind of drinks we do not have. Italian and French wines, long-aged cognac, aperitif, all kinds of liquor and cocktails are always available.

The Royal-Zenith Hotel complex restaurants are the ideal place for holding any possible celebrations like anniversaries, weddings and banquets. Live music sounding every night in our restaurants will definitely complete your perfect night with pleasant memories.